Jeffrey Salveson Comedy Magician & Balloon Twister  

Balloon Twisting

     After all of these years of balloon twisting there's one thing I can say with great certainty, when balloon twisting is done right, in a skillfully an entertaining way, for most events there's no such thing as to much balloon twisting. 

     Balloon twisting is a great addition to any type of event that most people strongly appreciate an it can get a very large crowd of people who would like to get a balloon creation an of course let's not forget the people who just want to watch because they find it so fascinating. I make well over a hundred different types of balloon animals, hats an other creations that are not hats or animals like palm trees, swords, flowers, people, heart wands, candy canes an-on-an-on.  Many of the balloon items I make are my own creations an I'm coming up with new ones all the time.

     In any given year I will twist more than 70,000 balloons for every type of event imaginable.  Some people are surprised by the fact that of the 70,000 balloons I twist in a year, a full 1/3 of them are for people ages 16 an up.  Balloon twisting for post proms, college events and different corporate events has been very popular for many years along with all other parties, carnivals, holiday events, community events, private events, birthday's, school events, festivals and just about any place else. 

     Balloon twisting is contracted by the hour, you may contract as many or as few hours as you would like for your event, in most situations there will be a minimum, contact me about your event for details.

     Balloon twisting may be taken with or with a magic show, however it does work very well to have a magic show and the balloon twisting before or after the show.