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Comedy Magic Shows

The Perfect Entertainment For Any Such Event

     The amount of space that is needed for the Comedy Magic Shows will vary from event to event, this will depend on the types of audiences and situations, contact me about your event for this information.

     The shows are designed to be enjoyable for all and do include magic, comedy magic, audience participation, situation comedy and many original magical and humorist routines or as I like to say "I do a little bit of magic and stuff". 

     Please note that I do have different shows for repeat engagements, so if I have already been at your event in the past you can still have me back for any future events.       


    Jeffrey Salveson Comedy Magician & Balloon Twister  

     The shows can be tailored to meet the specific requirements that may be needed for the many types of audiences an event situations and performing locations plus different content and routines for the different age groups children's shows, families audiences an a comedy magic show for the adult audiences.  The length of the programs may be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or a One hour show, an you may arrange to have multiple performances or showings at the same event.

     For the most part the comedy magic shows are completely self contained, that is to say I will have with me everything that I would need for the program such as all needed sound equipment, cords, tables, chairs etc., anything that's show related. All I will need is reasonable access to electricity an a good spacious area to do the show.