Jeffrey Salveson Comedy Magician & Balloon Twister  

     The Stationary close-up magic is the exact same as the close-up magic strolling except for one thing, yes, you guessed it, it's done in a stationary situation where I would set-up a small stand/table and perform the close-up magic at the stand.  This is great for events that are going to have a flowing audience

 where people will be coming and going continuously,  people can stop by my stand and see and participation in some close-up magic, and they may come and go as they wish.

     This type of close-up magic is great for events that have a carnival, festival or fair type of setting, this also works great for in store or in house type promotions.  It takes up very little space an yet can play big.

Close-Up Magic/Stationary

Close-Up Magic/Strolling

     The strolling close-up magic is for the social hour events or the table to table magic where I would walk around and perform a variety of smaller magic or magic related routines.

This is not a actual magic show in the formal sense, many of the different routines employ sleight of hand magic with objects such as coins, cards, rope, paper, dice, pens, rings or other such items.  The close-up magic also tends to be very interactive with the people this magic will use a certain amount of direct audience participation or involvement.  Many individuals actual like this type of magic the best because this is the type of magic that happens right in their hands or right under their nose.

      This type of magic is great for situations where you do not have the space for a actual Comedy Magic Show performance but you still do want some entertainment, it also works great for all of the different age groups, children's events, family events an adults events.

     The close-up magic is contracted by the hour, you may contract as many or, as few hours as you would like, but in most situations there is a minimum.  Please contact me for pricing information.